Our services

Fiber internet

We offer lightning fast Internet access via fiber-optic lines, and accompanying support. At Aker Brygge, Tjuvholmen or Filipstad you can get super high-speed access.

If you’re situated at Aker Brygge, you can in most cases get online the same day you place your order.

No boxes or modems. Just super fast Internet access – right from your wall socket.

IT operations for all types of businesses

We offer a professional as a service to our customers. With years of experience in both operations and support, our main focus is to assist the customer to achieve better efficiency and operational stability in their every day work.

The service entails that Absnet takes over the responsibility of the day-to-day operations, monitoring and updating of the customer’s IT systems for optimal efficiency.

Located at Aker Brygge, where most of our customers are, we are able to be on-site literally within minutes from receiving a support request.

Microsoft 365 and OneDrive

Work wherever, whenever, however you want. Microsoft 365 is ready when you are.

Microsoft 365 is the entire Microsoft Office suite with all the applications you know and use, plus 1 TB cloud storage.

When considering Microsoft 365, you should also consider a proper backup solution for all your Microsoft 365 and OneDrive data.

Absnet Insight

Absnet offers a service for remote monitoring, updating and remote control of clients when they experience problems. A light-weight agent installed on each of the client computers provides the ability to monitor systems for outdated software, security issues, missing or outdated virus protection, compliance issues and suchlike. It also allows quick, secure and easy remote access to the client to assist if a user is experiencing problems. The agent notifies us whenever an issue arises that requires attention. This allows the customer to do what they do best, while we fix potential problems silently in the background.

Telephony in Microsoft Teams

With telephony integrated with Microsoft Teams you can place calls from Teams on all your devices – PC, cell phone, and tablet. Additionally you get integration with Microsoft 365 for multi user access to and collaboration in documents, file sharing and video conference calls.


We offer backup services for all your data from almost wherever and however they are stored – local computer, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Microsoft 365, email, servers and virtual machines, in either on-premises infrastructure or in Microsoft Azure.


With years of experience with various types of hardware, we are able to assist with planning, designing, purchasing, configuring, deploying, maintaining and supporting ICT equipment for your business. Contact us for a quote.